Welcome. Get off your shoes and make yourself at home.


We are passionate craftsmen called Two Shoes, striving for quality communication campaigns while specializing in strategic nudges that shape people‘s behavior. We are here for you to stand on a solid ground and reach your business goals in a fast and comfortable yet trendy and delightful way.

what we do

Brand strategy

Needless to say, it‘s a long term investment since creating a strong brand you must stay consistent in your actions. That‘s why we are here to create a strategy for your product or service that lasts many seasons to come. Whether you need to stand out in a busy market or make a grand entrance.

Advertising strategy

At the end of the day (and in the beginning of it) others are the ones that make their minds about you. That‘s why we are constantly mining trends and are ready to put your message in a pair (as many you‘d like, actually) campaigns that your customers would be happy to see and crave to share. Both, in traditional and digital medias.

Marketing strategy

Having no place in mind to go to or walking in circles is a huge waste of a good pair of shoes (read – money) and your energy. We are here to craft you a strategy that would win desirable attention or help you get where you want to.


With Two Shoes your goal is only couple of steps away.

You fill and send us a request to solve your problem.

We analyze your case and come back with insights.

You choose the direction that fits you the most.

We come back with a solution.

We craft you a nice set of materials for communication campaign.


Since you’ve already took off your shoes, let us make you a brand new pair to get you straight to your goal. Call or e-mail us and we’ll take you for a walk. Literally.